The Orange Peel

Get yours exclusively at Quality Surfboards Hawaii!

The Orange Peel Surf Wax Storage and Recycle Quality Surfboards Hawaii


- Fits perfectly in your cupholder
- Store those extra bits of wax from each surf session
- No more melted wax in your car

Store Recycle Reuse Surf Wax The Orange Peel Quality Surfboards Hawaii


- Heat from the sun will melt the wax back into a usable bar
- New wax peels out easily from the container
- Sand and debris sink to the bottom and are easily scrapped off
- Oven and microwave safe 


Cupholder The Orange Peel Surf Wax Storage Recycle Quality Surfboards Hawaii


- Store extra wax & always have fresh wax on hand
- Recycle old wax
- Keep the car and our beaches clean from harmful wax
- Easily clean sand & dirt covered wax
- Use the Orange Peel to mold your own wax

Surf Wax Storage Recycle The Orange Peel Quality Surfboards Hawaii



 We tried this out a few times.  It takes a loooong time for it to melt in a car.  But you probably have a loooong time in between wax bars.  We had the best luck throwing it in the oven on a Friday night after we made pizza and letting it melt then.  

The sand and dirt sink to the bottom.  Scrape that off and you have a new bar of wax.

 When you ask yourself, where is the surf shop near me with the Orange Peel wax maker?  The answer is Quality Surfboards Hawaii.