Ding Repair

Save your board from the surfboard graveyard and get a quality repair done at Quality Surfboards Hawaii!

Surfboard graveyard Quality surfboards Hawaii

Ding Repair Pricing

First Ding:     $35        

Ding size approximately 1 inch


Additional Dings:     $15 each

1 inch or less in size


Larger Dings:     $55 and up.

For accurate pricing we can get an estimate from our repair guy.



Short Board:     $80 - $150

Long Board:      $100 - $200


Broken Boards

Short Boards & Long Boards (excluding SUP):      $150 and up

Estimate will be provided after repair guy has looked at it.

Epoxy boards:      add $35


Fins & Fin Boxes 

FCS, FCS II & leash Plug:      $45 each

Futures:         $75

surrounding damage could cost up to $25 more


Long Board Single Fin Boxes:      $85


Examples of Quality Repairs:



Ding repairs do not make the board look new again.  New boards are only new once.  Your board will be water tight with a quality repair.  But it might have visible signs of a repair after the fact.
All boards must be picked up within 30 days of completion.
If boards are not picked up within 30 days they will be sold for the price of the repair.
Customers need to have a valid picture ID to pick up their repaired boards.
If a customer is not satisfied with a repair, The board MUST be left in the shop to be seen by the manager and the repairperson. Once the board is removed, the repair is no longer the responsibility of Quality Surfboards Hawaii.