Sandy Handy Keychain Bottle Opener

The Sandy Handy offers 3-in-1 functionality. This small, heavy duty, and dare we also say sexy, device can act as a bottle opener, a shotgun tool, and a ventilator. But it's your life so use it however you want. It also has a key hole to conveniently attach to your key chain. That way you can show it off even when you're not opening cold ones.

The Sandy Handy is made of Zinc Alloy (The same material as Iron Man) and is very durable. It’s die casted and the color is made through a process called electroplating.

This is the last bottle opener you will ever need! Get yours today! ....Or tomorrow, or what ever works better for you honestly. 

Dimensions: 3" x 1.25" (L x W, pinky to thumb)

Weight: 0.15 lbs