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Munkey Top Coat - Warm/Trop

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Sticky Bumps Munkey Wax is super gooey for an exceptional foot to board attachment.


Five times stickier than the Sticky Bumps Original formula, Munkey Wax has ridiculous hold and resistance with insane bump-building characteristics. Pair the Munkey Warm/Tropical formula with a harder, firmer basecoat underneath for long-lasting, super grippy traction. A thick, healthy application with combing is recommended for the best topcoat performance.


These high quality, handcrafted bars are created in Sticky Bumps no waste California factory, with everything possible being reused and recycled. Instantly recognized and well-loved, Sticky Bumps Wax snags, grabs and builds up the perfect sticky bumps for your riding pleasure.

Product Features

  • 69° F/20° C and Above
  • Warm/Tropical Water Formula
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable and All-Natural
  • Banana/Coconut Scent
  • 85 grams
  • Made in the USA

Don't forget to pick up a wax scraper!

Made in the USA