Mrs. Palmers Tropical Water Surf Wax

This Mrs Palmers Wax Warm / Tropical Water Surf Wax is the surefire way to keep your feet on your board. Formulated for those summer days and locations where the water temps are above 75F degrees (24C degrees), this wax also smells great! Take your skills to the next level with the premier surf wax from Mrs Palmers. You'll never fall off the surfboard again*!

*actual results may vary

  • One (1) bar of Mrs Palmers Wax Warm / Tropical Water Surf Wax from Mrs Palmers
  • For water temps above 75F (24C)
  • Easy to apply and smells great
  • Helps keep your feet planted firmly on your board
  • Made with Mrs Palmers’s tried-and-true formula