Longboard fins screw and plate

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Fits All middle fin boxes on Longboard, SUP, Inflatable SUP, Single Fin.  If your rear center fin box is bigger than your side boxes, this will fit.
  • RUST PROOF: super strong 316 stainless steel will not rust In fresh or salt water.
  • BRASS & PLASTIC:  breakaway fin bolt.  If you hit the reef, you may loose your fin but it might not damage your fin box.  
  • CHOOSE YOUR HEAD: Phillips, Flat, Hex, Fingers.  We got you covered.

We suggest you get the hex head for 2+1 setups.  Then you only need one tool.

Do not use a brass part with a stainless part together.  It will corrode.  

It is best to not mix parts on fin bolt and plates.  Some are different threads.  C'mon bro!  it is only $1. Get a new one.