Futures Fins Alpha Series AMT Twin +1

The Futures Fins AMT Twin Fin was designed by legendary Channel Islands creator, Al Merrick, and is now available in Futures Fins Alpha construction. The AMT generates maximum speed, drive and hold through big carves to perform around point breaks or lined up beach breaks. The AMT's Alpha material give this fin a resilient flex pattern while the large area provides ample hold in powerful waves. The set is equipped with the option to ride with a small trailer fin for increased drive and stability through bottom and top turns. The Futures Fins AMT is Al Merrick's Twin Fin template used in Rob Machado's Signature Twin model! If you have an over sized fish the Futures Fins AMT Twin Fins are the way to go.

Futures Fins Alpha
Futures Fins Alpha fins are made with a special composite designed with the help of 3M. It's carbon and air infused, and it's super lightweight. Made in Huntington Beach, CA these fins give a balanced ride number making them a great choice to provide spring around those sections but still maintaining hold and predictability. These fins also feature 3D flow texture which helps decrease drag and fin hum. This works by controlling the separation pattern and influences the boundary layer to reduce the drag, resulting in a nice balance in speed and hold.