Cannabax Surf Wax

Organic & Eco-friendly Surf Wax containing all natural ingredients including Hempseed Oil. TROPICAL Water- 78° & above

*Basecoat Recomended 

Started by two Brothers on one Mission to create a change in the Surf Wax industry. Traditional surf waxes are formulated using toxic petrochemicals and have an impact to our ocean waters and marine life. They made a promise to one another that CannabaX would be 100% Organic and Eco-friendly; chasing the vision of sustainability and respect to our waters. Their formulation consists of USDA certified natural ingredients all sourced from family farms to support small business. They have formed partnerships with Non- profits: Surfrider- Newport, OR and Outdoor Outreach and have pledged to donate 1% of every sale to them to support their amazing efforts! 

When you ask yourself, where is the surf shop near me with Cannabax wax?  The answer is Quality Surfboards Hawaii.