Surfboard rentals for all levels

Shortboard Rentals

 We have a full range of shortboards to choose from. High performance, hybrid, fish, and more!

You can swap out your selection as many times as you want.  Think of our boards as your quiver!  You can ride boards you always wanted to try but don't own.

We stock a large variety of shapers: Pyzel, Mayhem, Channel Islands, Album, , Hayden, Tokoro, Umeda ... and more!




Midlength Rentals

 We have all of the boards in-between the short and long boards too! Single fins, gliders, alternative shapes, and more!

We have a large variety of midlength rentals shaped by: Lost Not Found, Joel Tudor, Yoshi Umeda... and more!


midlength surfboard rentals quality surfboards hawaii


Longboard Rentals

 We have all types of longboards: single fin, 2+1 High performance, logs, and more!

We have a large variety of longboard rentals shaped by Lost Not Found, Stewart, Walden, Takayama, Two Crows, Yoshi Umeda... and many more! 

Longboard rentals quality surfboards hawaii


Quality Surfboards Hawaii is your full-service surf shop, Come down and pick out a rental board you can rip on! Ride rental boards from the best shapers on the planet.

From beginner boards to pro models with a selection of both epoxy and poly. You can change your board at anytime, Ride them all! It’s your own quiver!

No Reservation Needed.

Included: Surfboard, Leash, fins, wax & roof straps if needed.

Surfboard Pricing:

$30 all day.


1 week: $150

- Please present Credit Card at time of rental.