Surfboard Rentals Waikiki:
Our Quiver is Your Quiver!

Leave your boards at home. We provide everything you need.

Rental Rates:
$30 All Day
$150 per Week
Swap boards out anytime!

Pyzel, ...Lost, Al Merrick, Tokoro, Firewire, Superbrand, Yoshi Umeda, J. Richardson... Just to name a few.
High performance, fish, hybrid, step-ups, and alternative boards of all styles available.
All shortboards come with premium fins and leash.


  • $30 all day rental. Swap out boards anytime.
  • Try the boards that you've always wanted to!

Yater, Hobie, Walden, Donald Takayama, Kai Sallas, Two Crows, Yoshi Umeda, J. Richardson, Josh Hall, Lost Not Found... Just to name a few.


Nosriders, high performance boards, logs, and more!

  • All longboards come with premium fins and leash.

  • Beginner longboards also available.
  • A board trolley and handles are provided free for those who want to carry the boards to the beach.

Roof racks and straps are also free upon request. Free parking with validation at our store.

Joel Tudor, Lost Not Found, Hobie, Donald Takayama, Al Merrick, Yoshi Umeda, Pyzel... Just to name a few.
Speed shapes, eggs, high performance, and more!

  • All midlengths/funboards come with premium fins and leash.


Surf Racks Included Free with Every Rental!

Rail Grabber Free with Rental

Surfboard Trolly Free with Rental

We have something for everyone:
From the beginner to the seasoned professional.
No reservation required.