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Wax Comb/Scraper

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Stay Covered Recycled Wax comb is made from 100% recycled materials.  Waste plastic that is used in production of leashes, fins and other products that would normally go into the landfill, is repurposed into this wax comb. 

By using a wax comb you are also using less wax, putting less pressure on our natural resources.  Whether it a petrol wax or organic tree sap wax, surf wax puts a strong demand on our earth natural resources.  By using our recycled wax comb you are not only repurposing waste plastic, but repurposing the existing wax that is already on your board.  Stay Covered suggests using a wax comb before every surf.

Because their comb is made from repurposed plastic they are not able to control the colors. 

Three combs are pictured to show color variation.

So the color shown is close but not the same color as what will be sent.