Snorkel Rental


Come to Quality Surfboards Hawaii to Rent all your snorkel gear.

We have complete premium dive sets for $10 all day.

No need to pay for an upgraded set, we only rent premium.

Rent it here before you go to Haunama Bay or to Sharks Cove.


Rental Mask are premium quality silicone for a good comfortable fit.

 We do not upsell you with our rentals.  Our standard rental gear is the good stuff!

All snorkel rentals come with a dive bag & bottle of Mask Defogger.


All of our dive rentals are sterilized with medical grade cleaners.


Dive Set Pricing:

$10 all day.


1 week: $50

Rental includes fins, mask, snorkel, dive bag, and defogger drops.

- Please present Credit Card at time of rental.