Elijah Gates

Nickname: Smalls

Hometown: Makakilo

Birthplace: Roseville, California

Birthday: March 27,1997

Sisters: Lola and roxanne

Sponsors: Quality Surfboards Hawaii, Ronin eyewear, Zinka sunscreen, OAM surf accessories, Futures fins, Powerdrive Surfboards Hawaii

School: Keystone online school

Age started surfing: 7

Bro's: Barron Mamiya, Kino Cajigal, Brennan boudreau, Mike ikalani, and a lot more.

favorite Surfers: Seabass

Dream car: Bugatti

Favorite surf spot: Backdoor

Favorite maneuver: Big carve

Favorite drink: Any kind of Hawaiian Sun juice

How long have you been freediving: Just this year

Favorite fish: Uhu

Instagram: @elijahgates